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How to use your Appliances

Washing Machine

Model: Fisher & Paykel Front Loading Clothes Washer WH8560f


  1. Press 'POWER' to activate your washer.
  2. Select your wash cycle by turning the SmartTouch control dial.
  3. Use 'Low Sudsing' or 'Front Loader' liquid, powder or pods. Place in the dispenser draw.
  4. Chose your wash options, if you wish to select options different from the default.
  5. Touch the play/pause button to start the cycle.

User Manuel: Click Here

Clothes Dryer

Stove & Oven

Model: Artusi Domino Touch Control Hob CACC30

User Manual: Click Here


Model: Panasonic NN-SF574S Microwave Oven


Plug into an outlet, open the door place meal at the center. Close door then select power level. Set time using the keypads, press start. The time in the display window will count down

User Manual: Click Here

Model: Sony FM/AM Clock Radio ICF-C1


Setting the Clock:

  1. Press and hold ENTER/TIME SET for more than 2 seconds. You will hear a beep and the last two digits of the year will start to flash on the display.
  2. Press + or – repeatedly to select the year, and then press ENTER/TIME SET.
  3. Repeat step 2 to set the month, day and time. After setting the time, two short beeps will sound and the seconds will start incrementing from zero.

Setting the Alarm:

  1. Set ALARM MODE to the desired alarm sound (RADIO or BUZZ). The alarm time appears for a few seconds, and then “ ” appears on the display. (It does not appear when the switch is set to OFF.)
  2. Press SET ALARM TIME + or – repeatedly to set the desired time while the alarm time appears on the display.

User Manual: Click Here