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Bench Top

Under Sink


Model: Omega Electric Oven OO651XR or OO652XR


Mechanical Timer (Model: OO651XR)

The mechanical timer needs to be set to the hand in order for the oven to function.

To set a time, rotate the timer control knob clockwise to a certain time range between 0 - 120 minutes. The timer will give an audible warning once.

Electronic Control (Model: OO652XR)

Control Panel Description

The oven control panel is made with one display and two knobs.

- Time display.

- Temperature knob.

- Mode (oven functions) knob.

User Manual: Click Here


Model: Omega 4 Burner Gas Cooktop OCG61X


The knob on your gas cooktop controls both ignition and the safety device. Proceed as follows to ignite the burners:

Press down & turn the knob for the burner you would like to use. Keep the knob strongly pressed in for approximately 1 second to allow the ignitor to light the gas, and allow the thermocouple to heat up.

Release the knob after approximately 1 second. The flame can be adjusted by turning the knob anti clockwise until it reaches the desired size. Only turn the knob between the High and Low settings, otherwise the burner will turn off.

To turn off the burner, push down & rotate the knob around to the ‘Off’ position.

Note: If the burner does not light within 12-15 seconds, turn the control knob back to the ‘Off’ position, and attempt re-ignition after 1 minute. This will allow any unburned gas to escape from the burner area.

User Manual: Click Here


Model: Panasonic NN-SF574S Microwave Oven


Plug into an outlet, open the door place meal at the center. Close door then select power level. Set time using the keypads, press start. The time in the display window will count down

User Manual: Click Here

Model: Omega Dishwasher ODW717X


  • Draw out the lower and upper basket, load the dishes and push them back. It is commended to load the lower
  • basket first, then the upper one.
  • Pour in the detergent .
  • Insert the plug into the socket. The power supply is 220-240 VAC /50 HZ, the specification
  • of the socket is 10A 250VAC. Make sure that the water supply is turned on to full pressure.
  • Close the door, press the On/Off button to switch on the machine.
  • Press the program button , the wash program will be changed as following direction: Normal>90mins>Rapid>Pre Was >Intensive>Heavy
  • If a program is selected, the responding light will be on. Then press the Start/Pause button, the
  • dishwasher begins to start.

User Manual: Click Here


Located under the sink in the Kitchen Area.

Ironing Board

Located next to fridge in the Kitchen Area.

Washing Machine

Model: Fisher & Paykel Front Loading Clothes Washer WH8560f


  1. Press 'POWER' to activate your washer.
  2. Select your wash cycle by turning the SmartTouch control dial.
  3. Use 'Low Sudsing' or 'Front Loader' liquid, powder or pods. Place in the dispenser draw.
  4. Chose your wash options, if you wish to select options different from the default.
  5. Touch the play/pause button to start the cycle.

User Manuel: Click Here